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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oil Spill | Alternative Response Technology | Acceptance Letter

Florida Oil Spill .com friend of the site, Joe Gerardi, President of Innovative Dynamics. IDI submitted a proprietary technological solution to help with the Oil Spill. IDI has patented failure analysis technology that BP is now reviewing! Their suggestion is the first solution that we have seen that will be considered by British Petroleum.

The email read: Thank you for your submission to the Alternative Response Technology process for the Horizon Incident. This email is notifying you that your solution has been escalated for further technical review. Please see the attachment for a complete explanation of the ART process. 

Thank you, 
The Alternative Response Technology Team"

The flow chart for the selection process is found at the top left of this article. That document states: "Thank you for your Alternative Response Technology submittal. To date BP has had a team of engineers reviewing and processing thousands of submittals, and we are in the process of testing several technology ideas that have been submitted. We have set up a four stage process to review each submittal."

Good Luck and thanks to Joe Gerardi and the team at IDI for helping our country!