Friday, November 20, 2015

Have oil companies committed securities law violations by distorting climate science?

Securities Fraud
Bad Information
Should we look into the largest publicly traded oil and gas companies who may have misled the public and its shareholders about climate change in the risk posed to the planet? One Attorney General in New York is now taking a hard look at years of disinformation from oil companies. 

Have oil companies committed securities law violations by distorting climate science?

Bad information may have been disseminated to prevent the disastrous impact on shareholder value when oil and fossil fuels maybe at the root of global climate change. Global oil conglomerates have created their own reality while scientists at NASA, NOAA, and the National Science Foundation conducted much research to establish the consensus that human activity, specifically burning carbon-based fuels have fueled climate change.


Friday, August 28, 2015

BP Claims Delayed

We have received inquiry on the status of pending BEL claims. Here is the latest news: 

 There is no mechanism to push someone's claim to the top of the pile. If the claim is in Zone A, the claims are usually paid quickly. Not much good news for Pro Se claimants who submitted papers and the administrator is having to do the work that a lawyer would have done . . . . hence those claims may go to the back of the line. Probably having a lawyer would get it a little faster because it would have been in the correct format. 

 At this point, probably nothing to do but wait.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another Gulf Oil Spill

Breton Oil Spill - 2015

Here we go again. Another Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 1.4-mile oil slick was visible in the water. Breton National Wildlife Refuge, St. Bernard Parish, LA, USA

Map of Breton Oil Spill

Rig is miles away from the Breton National Wildlife Preserve. Map of Location of rig is Breton Sound located here:

Monday, March 30, 2015

BP Oil Spill Claims Deadline Update

It appears that June 8, 2015 is the final deadline for filing claims. There are currently over 112,000 unresolved Claims, including 70,000 unresolved Business Economic Loss (BEL) Claims.

BP Oil Spill Claim Deadline
"There are currently over
112,000 unresolved Claims,  including
70,000 unresolved
Business Economic Loss (BEL) Claims."
The claimants continue to endure requests for additional documents and information from the Settlement Program.

There is discretion under both the Settlement Agreement to request additional documents and information. Failure comply with requests may get claimants an “Incompleteness Denial”.

Before June 8, 2015, claimants still have the opportunity to re-file the Claim.


BP Oil Spill Claim Deadline

Tips for Claimants:

a. Make sure you have obtained and submitted all Documentation expressly identified in the Settlement Agreement.

b. Make sure or an attorney timely responds to e-mail or other informal requests from the Program Accountants and/or other Vendors.

c. When you tell the Program Accountants or other Vendors that you should be able to get documents or information a certain date, make sure that you are giving yourself enough time, (as that date may start the clock running on formal Notices, etc).

d. Ask for extensions on the front end.

e. Make sure you or an attorney timely responds to all Incompleteness Notices and Follow-Up Notices, etc.

f. Start to gather now any and all documents you can reasonably expect will be requested.

g. When you simply do not have or cannot provide documents and/or information expressly identified in the Agreement or otherwise requested, you or your attorney should attempt to provide a written explanation, with other associated back-up or alternative forms of documentation, etc.

h. When you have an absurd or unfair situation, advise and enlist an attorney.

Again, we understand the frustration.

There are currently over 112,000 unresolved Claims, including 70,000 unresolved BEL Claims.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Insane But True - BP On Trial

While BP Oil Spill Claims by citizens languish in a Federal Court, at least one phase of the litigation is barreling on. "The government wants the oil giant to pay another $13.7 billion for harming not just the birds and fish, but the business climate and social fabric of coastal communities." This trial is underway. Standby.