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Friday, November 20, 2015

Have oil companies committed securities law violations by distorting climate science?

Securities Fraud
Bad Information
Should we look into the largest publicly traded oil and gas companies who may have misled the public and its shareholders about climate change in the risk posed to the planet? One Attorney General in New York is now taking a hard look at years of disinformation from oil companies. 

Have oil companies committed securities law violations by distorting climate science?

Bad information may have been disseminated to prevent the disastrous impact on shareholder value when oil and fossil fuels maybe at the root of global climate change. Global oil conglomerates have created their own reality while scientists at NASA, NOAA, and the National Science Foundation conducted much research to establish the consensus that human activity, specifically burning carbon-based fuels have fueled climate change.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Florida Oil Spill Attorney Seeks Meeting With President

Florida Oil Spill
Florida Oil Spill Attorney has previously written about, Steve Yerrid who is special counsel for Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. The news is that Florida officials are now seeking a meeting with President Barack Obama, They seek to discuss oil spill relief.

Yerrid said, "If the polluter knows that the meter is running, isn't that a great motivation to stop that flow?" Thanks to the Governor and Mr. Yerrid for their efforts. Thanks also to the Tribune for keeping this story in the news as some have forgotten the hidden impacts of this tragedy


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Florida's Oil Spill Attorney | Damages Updated

Florida Oil Spill Attorney, says, "This, by everyone's measure, is a huge catastrophe, so I don't think the damages will be small,” We have previously written about Steve Yerrid, an oil spill lawyer appointed by Florida Governor Charlie Crist to head up the state’s legal team and response to the spill. “I just hope that BP continues to stay in business and make enough money to pay these people back for all of the lives that they've destroyed.” said Steve Yerrid.

See Here for Florida Oil Spill Legal Team Update June 18, 2010.

We will continue to follow Mr. Yerrid in his efforts to fight for the people of Florida during this oil invasion. Thank you Governor Crist and Mr. Yerrid.


Oil Spill Protester in Congress | Video

Oil Spill protester in a Congressional Hearing was detained when the individual interrupted a hearing on the oil spill before a Congressional Committee today. Video of the incident was reviewed by Florida Oil Spill .com. We spent the afternoon watching the hearings and testimony. Somebody may need an attorney / lawyer (but not for a lawsuit against BP ).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

State of Florida Appoints Oil Spill Attorney

Florida Oil Spill Lawyer, Florida Oil Spill, Florida Oil Spill   Attorney Lawyer, Florida Oil Spill Attorney
The Tampa Tribune reports Governor Charlie Crist has written a letter that states: "While it remains our hope to avoid litigation, I believe we must be prepared in the event legal action is needed . . . . Obviously, the goal of such action would be to restore the people, businesses, industries and communities of Florida harmed in the wake of the potentially disastrous and unprecedented damage of the oil spill." The Governor then announced the appointment of Steven Yerrid, a Tampa lawyer, as the Florida Oil Spill Attorney. He has experience with the Skyway Bridge disaster and has a reputation as a fighter for the people of Florida in the Tobacco litigation, Good Luck.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oil To Hit Florida in 6 Days

Florida will have oil ashore in 6 days according to scientists at ESA (European Space Agency). This prediction was based on an analysis of satellite imagery. The prediction was last week, so expect breaking news of oil on Florida shorelines any day now. Florida Oil Spill Volume Calculator shows how Much Oil Has blasted Into the Gulf of Mexico. PBS has posted this informative graphic. Use it to calculate how much oil has poured into the Gulf of Mexico and is heading for the Florida Coastline.

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