Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oil Spill Condominium Reservation Cancellation

One local Panama City Beach, Florida condominium has established a policy for vacation cancellations:

"Panama City Beach Florida Oil Spill Vacation Refund Policy ..."

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"As you all know, the oil spill disaster has the potential to impact us all this year. We are already receiving calls from concerned booked guests who are asking our policy about cancellations and refunds. As a result, I wanted to make you all aware of our policy concerning the oil slick.. . . If Federal, State, or Local authorities close the beach, we will issue full refunds to any vacationer that has booked a condo through [Name Omitted]. If the beach is still closed 2 weeks prior to a vacationers arrival, we will issue a full refund. This will eliminate someone from canceling now a vacation scheduled at the end of July." Emphasis Added.

"If any vacationers wish to cancel their vacation prior to any official closing of the beach, we will issue refunds based on our rental refund policy that was in effect at the time of booking." Emphasis Added.


Oil Spill Condominium Reservation Cancellation Policy

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