Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solutions to the Oil Spill in Gulf | DeepWater Horizon Leak

Florida Oil Spill .com has listened to people talking about this disaster. Everyone that we know is extremely upset by the whole situation. We are especially saddened by the loss of the wetlands and all the lovely animals that live there (including humans). We are also disappointed that it seems that the oil industry hasn't been exploring this.

The first alternative I heard was the Nuclear Missile Option. Some of the problems I see with this are: the explosion will probably cause more oil in a larger more diverse set of holes and we would also be introducing nuclear contamination to the gulf stream.

One writer remembers how plumbers stopped the water at her home when the cut-off valve didn't seem to stop it. The plumbers froze the water line. She thought wow if they could freeze the oil they could easily put a new valve on it. It seems that freezing crude oil is very complicated. It makes sense though since she knows that cars and trucks run at freezing temperatures in Canada that oil must freeze at a pretty low temperature. It turns out also each deposit has its own properties. It would be nearly impossible to freeze it, though the depth and resulting increase in pressure might help. Just a thought.

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