Friday, June 28, 2013

BP Oil Spill Claims Tampa Hillsborough - Pinellas Update

BP Oil Spill Claims Attorney notes that Tampa (Hillsborough County) now has plans to sue BP for Oil Spill losses, according to the St Petersburg (Pinellas County) Times. They reported, "Hillsborough County commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to file suit over the county's claim that it suffered nearly $43 million in losses — from hotel, gas, sales and other tax and fee receipts — as a result of the spill." 

Experts have been hired, "To prepare Tampa's claim, forensic accountants found a "measurable effect" from the spill after scrutinizing more than a dozen sources of city revenue . . . when the city's claim was filed in January. Those revenues covered everything from property and sales taxes to taxes on city utilities and communication services to street car, golf course and parking revenues." 

Some businesses were stonewalled when they tried to pursue claims as the BP Oil Spill Claims video below shows. Now some businesses will be pursuing claims with professional help.

BP Oil Spill Claims for Tampa Bay Businesses



BP Oil Spill Claims Tampa Hillsborough - Pinellas

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