Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BP Oil Spill Claims Bounty Hunters Wanted

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Bounty Hunters Wanted
Oil Spill Claimants Bounty - While the Feds are going after BP for penalties associated with the massive oil spill, BP continues to help the Gulf recover by paying bounty on fraudulent oil spill claimants:  

Today they said "Tips received through the Hotline will be reviewed and referred for further evaluation, if warranted, to fraud investigators at the CSSP, the National Center for Disaster Fraud, or other law enforcement agencies. Tips that lead directly to an indictment, a recovery of money paid, or the denial of a claim because of fraud or corruption may entitle the reporter to a reward."

The FloridaOilSpill.com Oil Spill tipline has been in operation since days after the oil well destroyed the Gulf Coast. Thanks BP for gathering information that helps the gulf recovery.

Just so you know.

Source: http://www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/press/press-releases/bp-launches-gulf-claims-fraud-hotline.html

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