Monday, July 15, 2013

Truth About the BP Settlement - Part 2

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Truth About the
BP Settlement 
BP is dissatisfied with the Oil Spill Claims Judge. On behalf of one of the lead lawyers in the BP Oil Spill Settlement, we want you to know and to correct some of the misinformation surrounding BP’s current media campaign. Again, On behalf of the businesses and families of the Gulf Coast, the undisputed factual record establishes that:

"Judge Barbier was selected by a panel of respected trial and appellate court judges from across the country to preside over the BP Oil Spill Litigation, one of the largest, if not the largest, consolidated cases in history. He has been universally praised by BP and others for his ingenuity, commitment and dedication to the efficient and effective management of this vast and complex litigation. Judge Barbier has served on the Federal Bench for well over a decade, and his integrity and judicial excellence have never been called into question."

Just so everyone knows.

 Source: BP Oil Spill Class Counsel

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