Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tampa Bay Oil Spill - Oil Nearby?

Florida Oil Spill   Attorney Lawyer,
Tampa Bay Oil Spill -
Oil Nearby?
Breaking News - "Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, floating beneath the surface after being sprayed with dispersant, settled on a shelf 80 miles from the Tampa Bay region within a year of the spill's end, according to a scientific study published this week."

"The Corexit broke the oil down into small drops, creating underwater plumes of oil, something no one had ever seen before in an oil spill. The discovery of the plumes raised questions about how they would affect sea life in the gulf."

Any fix for this?

One expert told the St. Pete Times, "It made its way southeast across the bottom and eventually it gets to the beach," Weisberg said. "A little bit probably got into Tampa Bay, and a little bit probably got into Sarasota Bay, and it exited the Florida shelf down around the Dry Tortugas."

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