Thursday, July 22, 2010

Florida Oil Spill | Bonnie Heads for Gulf

Florida Oil Spill Bonnie
Florida Oil Spill .com notes that Bonnie becomes Tropical Storm | According to NOAA, "Tropical Depression strengthens...becomes Tropical Storm Bonnie... At 615 PM EDT the center of Tropical Storm Bonnie was located about 200 miles southeast of Nassau or about 415 miles east-southeast Key West Florida. Movement was toward the northwest near 14 MPH. A turn to the west-northwest with an increase in forward speed is expected tonight and Friday. Winds have increased TO 40 MPH and that the depression has become a tropical storm." The projected track takes the storm right through the heart of the Gulf Oil Disaster.

Breaking News Update: As of late Thursday night, July 22, 2010 a ship drilling a relief well was ordered to leave the Gulf Oil Disaster site, pending the arrival of Bonnie.

Update: Vessels have now returned to the Deepwater Horizon site.

Florida Oil Spill .com  will continue following this system.

NOAA Satellite Image from July 22, 2010.

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