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Friday, June 4, 2010

Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Oil Damage

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Some have claimed that the next challenge for homeowners who suffer from the Gulf Oil Spill in Florida may be a fight over whether the large insurance corporations will pay claims based on oil spill damage. Oddly, this may come down to whether crude oil damage is a product even covered under policies. Crude oil may not be a "pollutant" under coverage definitions. The distinction between refined petroleum products and crude oil blasting from a well may be the next dispute.

Is the Deepwater Horizon disaster an "explosion" as defined in policies? Yet another trap for beleaguered victims of the Florida Oil Spill. If the only damage is to the land or beach, some argue that the land or beach is not "property" covered under policies. Expect a tough fight from all corporate entities involved.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Florida Oil Spill - Indian Shores - The Town That Knew

Florida Oil Spill Update - Councilman, Bill Smith, of Indian Shores, Florida, knew the big oil spill was coming. His local town council passed a resolution in 2008 and he has testified  about the dangers of a potential Gulf Oil Spill before the Florida House of Representatives. No one listened to Bill. This town councilman in this tiny gulf-coast community, Population of 1,792, knew what State and Federal official refused to believe.  

The 2008 resolution is excerpted below:

"[T]he area with the potential for the greatest risk of environmental damage is the eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico, off the western coast of Florida. . . environmental specialists contend the major risk from drilling platforms is the wastewater they routinely discharge which contain drilling fluids and heavy metals including mercury. . . it is our belief that despite technological advances in oil rig drilling technology, there is no positive assurance that catastrophic damage to our coastline, beaches, plant and fish life could be avoided during normal operating conditions or during storm situations. . . [T]he Town Council . . . oppose[s] legislative attempts to allow off shore oil drilling expansion past the areas already approved for pre-leasing, leasing and oil production activities and to take immediate steps to encourage and assist in the development of alternate sources of energy." 

The Complete Resolution is Available Here: 

Voting in opposition to the Resolution:   None

Monday, May 17, 2010

Current May Flow Spilled Oil Towards Keys

[University of South Florida]
Current May Flow Spilled Oil Towards Keys

University of South Florida College of Marine Science (USF) computer models calculate the possibility of the oil spill (black) being pulled south by the loop current by Wednesday. USF is using real time and historical data of topography, temperature, salinity and air and water velocity in their computer simulations to project different scenarios for the plume of the oil spill disaster.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oil Spill Disaster - Louisiana Students Look for Solutions to the Oil Spill

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Louisiana Students Look for Solutions to the Oil Spill
Students at Hurst Middle School usually study science by rebuilding and preserving wetlands near their homes.  Now they are searching for solutions to the Deep Horizon Oil Spill off the Louisiana coast line.  Their science teacher, Barry Guillot has been guiding them to use the scientific method to find their own solutions to save our precious wetlands.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010